EDUC 8823_Week 12: Last Words

Stephania BiddingsA Reflection

During this course of instruction (EDUC_8823 “Computer Technology and Multimedia in Education), my eyes have been opened to what has been in front of my face, but beyond my realm of connection. I know that sounds far-fetched, but that is exactly what some of the technologies I have been introduced to, were for me. Now, I can actually “begin” to use the applications, programs and software, which previously seemed so out of my reach. I have definitely been transformed; I hope to use my newly-acquired knowledge to transform my students, as well. I guess that is the point, right? …not to just transmit knowledge, but to aid the individual in transformation. Teaching and learning is progressive and affected by the variables of societal, cultural, and political change. Our society, cultural (even sub-cultures), and politics have been affected by the advent of the technological age. Our educational and knowledge-base, have lagged behind. This has affected the way our students receive, and process knowledge. As torchbearers of education, we must incorporate technology-based instruction into the system. If not we are short-changing our students, and eventually our society.

Enough of the soapbox!

Things I liked; came to understand; and will definitely employ in my classroom, and in my personal life:

1. Skype—“love it!”

2. Blogs—“Love it.” I am using it with my AP English Literature students. They have developed author-study blogs. They love it, and think I am a genius. I love that! I have also begun to use two blogs as online journals of my technology growth and development—my transformation. One is public, and the other is a private—limited view blog.

3. Screen Capture—“Love it.” I am using it with my colleagues during professional development/workshop presentations

4. Voice Stream/Similar Voice-Over programs—“In awe!” I am using it with PD and class presentations.

5. Wiki’s—Oh my goodness! What a vehicle for collaboration, and maintaining an electronic portfolio! I love this, and have gained more concrete understanding of its comprehensive use and application in the classroom; at home; and in the business world. My students have to write research papers and create a Capstone portfolio that incorporates a research component, as well as a presentation. It can all be “housed” within a wiki, and accessed by both the student, and by the instructor. I have also begun to use the wiki as a briefcase, or electronic portfolio for my business and lightly personal documents and presentations. I cannot understand why I never new about this before. Why was I left out of the loop? Grrrrr…

Overall, Professor Toledo, this class was comprehensive, immediately applicable, and personally motivating.

Thanks much,


5 thoughts on “EDUC 8823_Week 12: Last Words

  1. Hi Roderick,

    What questions do you have about IPEGS and its implementation in Miami-Dade County Public Schools?

    I am only a trainer, not an expert on the topic, however.


  2. I would like to know what your likes and dislikes, your thoughts on improving it, etc.

    I have a student goal setting application that I would like to ‘tweak’ to create a paperless IPEGS system based around collaboration. That would have tremendous value to our Miami-Dade schools.


  3. Hi Roderick,

    …apologies for the late response. However, I like the fact that it prompts educators to focus on a specific goal, and is not just a general dart throw. I also like that it allows for modification, and application of strategies and discussion. It is an active and “live” process, not set in stone.

    I don’t like its overwhelming approach to the educator. It may seem to encompassing or overwhelming, initially. This creates negativity in its initial application. I don’t know how to get around that.

    I think an on-line system, may be less daunting and allow for a more individual and personal approach. One can sit back and work within the program, which can troubleshoot; and keep errors and misunderstandings at a minimum.

    I am very interested in such a program. I would be interested in troubleshooting it with you.

    Let me know…



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