Projects, Resources and Tools


Scotch Laminator:

Would you like to win a Scotch Laminator?

Post a comment discussing why you deserve a Scotch Laminator and what you would/have used a laminator for in your classroom, home, or club/organization? Share one picture of a project that you have completed, using a laminator.


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2 thoughts on “Projects, Resources and Tools

  1. I think I would personally love a laminator, what teacher wouldn’t? I’m currently in a new position at a new school, and I am so excited! I would use my laminator for college information to be shown around classrooms and students’ work that could follow me wherever I decide to teach or classroom I’m in. I know it’s small, but I love showing off my student’s work and showing them the importance of respresentation and colleges!!


  2. Hey Samantha,

    You made the decline! Your. I meant on the laminator wins! Inbox me, via FB in our group; and I will ship it to you on Monday. Since you don’t have a picture to share now, please share one after you create your project(s).

    Thank you and congratulations!



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