Class Flow

I just completed an intense training in developing #ClassFlow presentations, and sharing them with students and colleagues. It took a bit to learn how to manipulate the resources, tools, and slides; but, once I manage those–I began to get the “flow”.

It is nice to have classes added to the presentation resource. Students can access the presentation at anytime, respond to questions, and even take an embedded assessment. Parents can also have access, as well. This is a good school-to-home connection, as students can access Class Flow while on vacation or for home learning. There is so much more, that can be done; as I have just touched the surface.

  • incorporate images and photos from your files or the web
  • edit for color, borders, size, and more
  • embed files/docs, video, music, and other sound
  • employ creative, but research-based creative design techniques

I will update soon, with some examples of uses and a copy of my presentation.

In the meantime… Class Flow: Create and Deliver

Flow with #ClassFlow!

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