Zoho-show links to Web 2.0 and Educational Podcasting presentations

I am attaching the links to some informative discussions, tutorials and presentations on Web 2.0 and educational Pod casting presentations. I think they are informative and “motivating” in the sense that educators may see potential in infusing technology into their lessons and curriculum, overall. I located the presentations/shows on Zoho.com’s site, while working on a class project. The shows are by educators, college students, and other professionals in the educational technology, or IT field. They are helpful in understanding the phenomena of Web 2.0, and offer steps to creating a basic podcast.

Let me know what you think.


Podcasting Workshop (a Zoho presentation)

Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 Needs School 2.0

Blogs to Watch

Kathy Schrock, http://kathyschrock.net/edtech (background and blog list), is known for her insight on education and technology. Her actual blog, listed below, provides a collection of educational technology blogs. The fact that Schrock herself has selected the blogs and links, alphabetized them , and provided tips and tool makes her site.blog a “must-visit” for the novice educational-technology neophyte. Schrock’s alphabetized list contains individual, group, and professional organizational bloggers. The ed-tech blog topics range from: teachers-training-teachers, and the technology-savvy educator; and from K-12, to institutions of higher learning. I like Schrock’s blog, because it is a blog of blogs–a collection of many for me to connect with, and peruse through, at my leisure.

Also, on the blog’s side-bar, Schrock includes presentation, slide-shows, workshop information, her resume`and email contact information. Not only does she provide a blog ofblogs; Schrock also provides links to other resources to help the novice and veteran educator enhance and further develop their instruction, planning, and student learning with technology.

http://kathyschrock.net/blog/ (corrected)