Blogs to Watch

Kathy Schrock, (background and blog list), is known for her insight on education and technology. Her actual blog, listed below, provides a collection of educational technology blogs. The fact that Schrock herself has selected the blogs and links, alphabetized them , and provided tips and tool makes her a “must-visit” for the novice educational-technology neophyte. Schrock’s alphabetized list contains individual, group, and professional organizational bloggers. The ed-tech blog topics range from: teachers-training-teachers, and the technology-savvy educator; and from K-12, to institutions of higher learning. I like Schrock’s blog, because it is a blog of blogs–a collection of many for me to connect with, and peruse through, at my leisure.

Also, on the blog’s side-bar, Schrock includes presentation, slide-shows, workshop information, her resume`and email contact information. Not only does she provide a blog ofblogs; Schrock also provides links to other resources to help the novice and veteran educator enhance and further develop their instruction, planning, and student learning with technology. (corrected)


3 thoughts on “Blogs to Watch

  1. Kathy,

    Thanks for the correction. I welcome future comments and input as well. I am a new and eager “educational-technology” learner.



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