“Google Docs”

Located at (click) www.googledocs.com,” this Google application serves multiple purposes for the student, educator, and business professional. With Google Docs, a user can access a spreadsheet, wiki’s, documents, and spreadsheets. Users can also collaborate “real-time,” on projects using Google programs and software. Editing and revision notations are tracked and dated. The team or instructor can revise and edit a document, and leave comments for the student from anywhere. Student work and progress is tracked, on an ongoing basis.

Possible classroom and student applications:

1. Electronic Portfolios

2. Research Papers/Capstone projects

3. Student-designed Power Point (c) Presentations

…and more.

Take the Google Doc tour (http://www.google.com/google-d-s/intl/en/tour1.html) and enjoy the experience!


2 thoughts on ““Google Docs”

  1. Hi Stephania,
    I have been using google docs for a couple of years now to collaborate on presentations, and really like it for that. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that it can be used for e-Portfolios, but it is in the early stages. Since e-Portfolios is what I do with my one of two jobs (I teach in multimedia), I’m interested in the possibilities, but privacy is still an issue. I am going to help my daughter who is certified 1-8 to build her teaching portfolio this way instead of going with a subscription-based system.


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