Computer Technology and Multimedia

This course EDUC 8823 has proven quite effective and relevant, thus far. I can see the potential of this application–Blogging, in the schools at multiple levels. Students can post, present, discuss and analyze comments and textual submissions online. Blogging can also prove to be a valuable research tool, as well. Students can be given a topic, discuss it online, and add relevant material to the Blog–ongoing. I need to see if it could serve as an electronic portfolio. Interesting…This course has opened up another, parallel world for me in education. Boy did I miss a lot of opportunities to reach my students! I can be so much more effective now. This year, my students will be rewarded with more resources to access and develop information. I believe this will empower them to participate, and seek more on their own.

Time will tell.

*View the following link to see my presentation on the Discussion Board

Educational Technology: The Discussion Board (Soho presentation)