Brain Based Learning: Another Passing Fad?

Brain Based Learning is the new kid on the block, when it comes to learning theories and philosophies. Some may question its longevity in the educational arena; others think that it is the answer to effective student learning. I have provided a link, to an instrospective view and discussion on the topic, and new paradigm. You decide if you think that Brain Based Learning is here to stay, or if it is another passing fad.

Preview the link below, and let me know what you think.

Brain Based Learning: Another Passing Fad?.

Week 10 “LMS and LCMS”

Innovations in Learning

Innovations in Learning

Brandon Hall Research provides an indepth, but clear discussion of the differences between the Learning Management Systems (LMS) and the Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS). Often, the systems are confused–used interchangeably. They are not the same and have distinctly different functions and uses. While the LCMS may have a function of LMS built within; the LCMS is not found within the LMS, although it is linked directly to the LMS.

One can simply say that the LMS manages learners, within a group, system, or organization; whereas the LCMS manages content created for learners, within a group, system, or organization. Of course it is so much more than that. Brandon Hall Research “demystifies” the LMS and the LCMS.

What does this mean for secondary education, vocational institutions, and institutions of higher learning? It means students and users will have more direct, content-based learning. Content will be specifically designed to target the need of the individual learner or small group. With more focus, targeted instruction and training; it is understandable that more effective and efficient teaching and learning will take place.

Aside from the clear and indepth explanation of the LMS and LCMS models, the Brandon Hall Research site also offers free research downloads. Now, I am definitely a proponent of “free” resources when they can be useful, or saved for later. The free research downloads can serve multiple purposes. They are work the email sign-up. Visit the link provided below, for further insight an discussion on the LMS and LCMS, and for free resources. It will be “illuminated” for you.

Brandon Hall Research: